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November 29
Nov 29 – 8:00 pm, Nov 30 – 3:00 & 6:30 pm Bengali For ages 8 and above NO LATECOMERS Synopsis : This Universe came into being from OM, chanted by Brahma. Amidst the Infinite, the existence of mankind appears merely as a speck on the face of the moon or like a glow-worm in [...]
December 5
Dec 5 & 6 at 8 pm English For ages 16 and above NO LATECOMERS I HAD A DREAM Can you handle a play that demands not leaving your brains at home? Following the footsteps of masterminds like Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco, we’ve dared to create a space that can swing you between laughter [...]
December 7
Dec 7 3 & 6:30pm For ages 8 and above English NO LATECOMERS “ANU……..” is an original scripted children’s musical written by Ketki Herlekar, story by Tanisha Herbert,  and directed by Tanisha Herbert, Ketki Herlekar and Neecia Majolly of the Majolly Music Trust. Featuring ‘Girls Only’ (all girls’ choir of the Trust directed by Tanisha), the [...]

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Trailer of Na Maran by ENAD--> bit.ly/1uGwOtn ...

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Bengali play this weekend...Na Maran Details --> bit.ly/1uGwOtn (9 photos) ...

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Jagriti Theatre updated their cover photo. ...

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