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  • Date
  • Event Details
  • Genre
    • 27-Jul-2018 - 29-Jul-2018
    • Director: Sridhar Ramanathan & Archana Kariappa
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      London, 1953. Scientists are on the verge of discovering what they call the secret of life: the DNA double helix. Providing the key is driven young physicist Rosalind Franklin. But if the double helix was the breakthrough of the 20th century, then what kept Franklin out of the history books? A play about ambition, isolation, and the race for greatness. Valium Online Uk Delivery

      Fri-27-Jul | 08:00 PM
      Sat-28-Jul | 03:00 PM
      Sat-28-Jul | 06:30 PM
      Sun-29-Jul | 03:00 PM
      Sun-29-Jul | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 31-Aug-2018 - 02-Sep-2018
    • Director: Mathura Kalauny
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Nishkasit is about deeply divided society along the caste lines and how any attempt to cross the caste boundaries is brutally crushed. Village Panchayat is dominated and controlled by Ramadhar’s family.Valium Online Prescription

      Fri-31-Aug | 08:00 PM
      Sat-01-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sat-01-Sep | 06:30 PM
      Sun-02-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sun-02-Sep | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 02-Aug-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Funtastic Four will have you rolling on the floor. It is excruciating and it happens every month at Jagriti Theatre.  Four superheroes, have basically one superpower - to make you laugh till you drop. Funtastic Four promise to tickle your funny bone and make you laugh away the worries of your stressful work week! You are warned! An ambulance is not standing by.Buying Valium Online Is It Legal

      Thu-02-Aug | 08:00 PM
    • Comedy
    • 24-Aug-2018 - 25-Aug-2018
    • Director: Ulka Mayur
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      The play revolves around Aqsh who is being held captive in the government facility. An unanticipated encounter with a mysterious, runaway inmate leads Akqh to beautiful moments, heartfelt poems and ugly truths.Buy Valium By Roche Online

      Fri-24-Aug | 08:00 PM
      Sat-25-Aug | 03:00 PM
      Sat-25-Aug | 06:30 PM
    • Thriller, Comedy, Science Fiction
    • 26-Aug-2018 - 26-Aug-2018
    • Director: Ulka Mayur
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Cast Off All Shame begins with the spirit of medieval bhakti poet Janabai taking over a radio show and playing an agony aunt to today’s women, who have issues ranging from domestic abuse to buy sanitary pads, who get slut-shamed and body shamed.Buy Diazepam Roche

      Sun-26-Aug | 03:00 PM
      Sun-26-Aug | 06:30 PM
    • Drama, Gender issues
    • 18-Aug-2018 - 19-Aug-2018
    • Director: Jill Navarre
      Ticket Price: ₹ 450

      May 7th, 1985, the day after Welles’ 70th and last birthday. The setting is a dingy recording studio in Hollywood.Buy Shalina Diazepam

      Sat-18-Aug | 03:00 PM
      Sat-18-Aug | 06:30 PM
      Sun-19-Aug | 03:00 PM
      Sun-19-Aug | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 17-Aug-2018
    • Director: Rebecca Spurgeon
      Ticket Price: ₹ 250

      This retelling of the Panchatantra is an exciting new exploration of the classic Panchatantra stories, the Blue Jackal, the Monkey and the Wedge.Buy Valium 5 Mg Online

      Fri-17-Aug | 06:30 PM
    • Children’s Play, Story telling
    • 14-Sep-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 450

      Easy Wanderlings is an independent soul-pop band globally recognized for their delicate and soothing melodies. They describe their work as a musical journal of cherished memories about soulful conversations, escapades into the majestic wilderness, and of the feelings felt when spending quiet evenings at home. Buy Diazepam Tablets Online

      Fri-14-Sep | 08:00 PM
    • Soul-pop
    • 08-Sep-2018 - 09-Sep-2018
    • Director: Hasnain Shaikh
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Cardamom is a comedy set against the backdrop of an Indian wedding and showcases every bone-rattling speed bump along the way. The play is an uproarious take on the peculiarities of Indian families, the plight of the tinder generation, and changing landscape of morality in India. Cardamom has wowed full houses before and is coming back on public demandValium Online Mastercard

      Sat-08-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sat-08-Sep | 06:30 PM
      Sun-09-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sun-09-Sep | 06:30 PM
    • Comedy
    • 15-Sep-2018 - 16-Sep-2018
    • Director: Arundhati Raja
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      A powerful politician's son gains power.  A young girl becomes an activist. Two lives that run in parallel. What happens when they finally intertwineBuy 1000 Diazepam Online

      Sat-15-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sat-15-Sep | 06:30 PM
      Sun-16-Sep | 03:00 PM
      Sun-16-Sep | 06:30 PM
    • Drama, Social Reform


Jagriti is a Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Founded in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, the space has hosted several productions from India and around the world. A 200-seat theatre, built around a full-thrust stage, it is fully equipped to cater to both artistes and audience. The main stage is designed for intimate performances, with adjoining spaces for informal lectures and gatherings, and an attached restaurant- 'The Fat Chef'. Jagriti is owned and operated by the not-for-profit ART Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

The Rooftop - above the main auditorium is an open-to-sky space with a staging area that can accommodate about 50 people. A raised and walled off platform can work as a perfect area for puppet theatre. The Rooftop has a restroom and a pantry. 

The Terrace - alongside the auditorium, the Terrace can accommodate about 20 people as an informal gathering area.

Lumbini - extending out from the foyer, Lumbini has a stage and an open-to-sky terraced space for about 80 people.