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  • Date
  • Event Details
  • Genre
    • 13-May-2018 - 13-May-2018
    • Director: KARTHIK.A
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Once you hop on at the platform of change into the compartment of mental health awareness, it takes you through the stations of support systems, past the fields of coping mechanisms, to the town that gets its name - Kirukku Nagaram - from society's labelling & stigma.  Valium Online Prescription

      Sun-13-May | 03:00 PM
      Sun-13-May | 06:30 PM
    • 25-May-2018 - 27-May-2018
    • Director: Rebecca Spurgeon
      Ticket Price: ₹ 250

      This retelling of the Panchatantra is an exciting new exploration of the classic Panchatantra stories, the Blue Jackal, the Monkey and the Wedge. Filled with shadow play, music, storytelling and physical theatre, this show will definitely excite you to revisit these stories if you have grown up reading them and is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful tales and character of the Panchatantra.Buying Valium Online Is It Legal

      Fri-25-May | 06:30 PM
      Sat-26-May | 03:00 PM
      Sat-26-May | 06:30 PM
      Sun-27-May | 03:00 PM
      Sun-27-May | 06:30 PM
    • Children’s Play
    • 12-Jan-2018 - 21-Jan-2018
    • Director: Rebecca Spurgeon
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Metamorphosis - Gregor Samsa wakes one morning as a giant insect. Written in 1915, this story has inspired generations of writers, artists and thinkers to delve into strange macabre and the absurd world described in Kafka’s work and seen most starkly in Metamorphosis.  Buy Valium By Roche Online

      Fri-12-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sat-13-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sun-14-Jan | 03:00 PM
      Sun-14-Jan | 06:30 PM
      Tue-16-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Wed-17-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Thu-18-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Fri-19-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sat-20-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sun-21-Jan | 03:00 PM
      Sun-21-Jan | 06:30 PM
    • Drama – Absurd
    • 28-Apr-2018 - 29-Apr-2018
    • Director: Rebecca Spurgeon
      Ticket Price: ₹ 200

      “When Gregor Samsa woke one morning from troubled dreams, he found he had turned in to a giant insect.” This iconic line opens Franz Kafka’s famous work – Metamorphosis. It is the story of Gregor Samsa who wakes up one morning as an insect, becomes an inconvenience to his family and remains locked in his room where he ultimately dies.  Buy Diazepam Roche

      Sat-28-Apr | 07:30 PM
      Sun-29-Apr | 03:30 PM
      Sun-29-Apr | 07:30 PM
    • Drama – Absurd
    • 07-Apr-2018 - 08-Apr-2018
    • Director: Tara Kini
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Sunaad presents Mandukya Sant Vani, a confluence of the Mandukya Upanishad and the poetry of saints across India. Combining Hindustani classical music with theatre and movement, this show illustrates the shlokas of the Upanishad through the lived experiences of the saints. Buy Shalina Diazepam

      Sat-07-Apr | 08:00 PM
      Sun-08-Apr | 03:00 PM
      Sun-08-Apr | 06:30 PM
    • Musical Theatre
    • 30-Mar-2018 - 01-Apr-2018
    • Director: Vandana Prabhu
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      From the director of “Rabbit Hole” and “The Twits”, comes a brand new comedy. Sandbox Collective presents: A Little Calm Before The Storm Three Actors. Two Generations. One Wobbly Table.Buy Valium 5 Mg Online

      Fri-30-Mar | 08:00 PM
      Sat-31-Mar | 08:00 PM
      Sun-01-Apr | 03:00 PM
      Sun-01-Apr | 06:30 PM
    • Comedy
    • 25-Mar-2018 - 25-Mar-2018
    • Director: Apratim Chatterjee
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      The Comedy Kitchen, to be presented by Adarsh Telemedia Pvt Ltd, is a Theatrecian Production.  9 short comic sketches, immensely inspired but served as 'influenced original work' has the Chefs from Calcutta who have been feeding laughter starved souls over the last  decade, a healthy diet of vegetarian and meaty jokes (no discrimination ;)).  Buy Diazepam Tablets Online

      Sun-25-Mar | 03:00 PM
      Sun-25-Mar | 06:30 PM
    • Comedy
    • 24-Mar-2018
    • Director: Tathagata Chowdhury
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Terrorism is being justified from the perspective of a terrorist. This has nothing to do with Jehad because this is Dhruv's act. Dhruv who is not like Raquib and never wears a skull cap, and has one wife, one daughter and one dog.    Valium Online Mastercard

      Sat-24-Mar | 08:00 PM
    • Thriller
    • 04-Apr-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Synopsis: April Fool's Day is just one day in a year, which is definitely not enough for our comedians to celebrate their goofiness!  Trust us; they aren't scared to make a fool of themselves.Buy 1000 Diazepam Online

      Wed-04-Apr | 08:00 PM
    • Comedy
    • 07-Mar-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      We know that one day of the year isn't enough to celebrate half the world's population, but let's make the best of it right? Come treat yourself to a day of laughs with Funtastic Four.Where Can I Buy Genuine Valium

      Wed-07-Mar | 08:00 PM
    • Comedy


Jagriti is a Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Founded in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, the space has hosted several productions from India and around the world. A 200-seat theatre, built around a full-thrust stage, it is fully equipped to cater to both artistes and audience. The main stage is designed for intimate performances with adjoining spaces for informal lectures and gatherings. Jagriti is owned and operated by the not-for-profit ART Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

The Rooftop - above the main auditorium is an open-to-sky space with a staging area that can accommodate about 50 people. A raised and walled off platform can work as a perfect area for puppet theatre. The Rooftop has a restroom and a pantry. 

The Terrace - alongside the auditorium, the Terrace can accommodate about 20 people as an informal gathering area.

Lumbini - extending out from the foyer, Lumbini has a stage and an open-to-sky terraced space for about 80 people.